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  Phyto-Stem Oxygen Soothing Mask Gel 
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The Phyto-Stem Oxygen Soothing Mask Gel works effectively to soothe, heal, and speed recovery from wounds and skin damage. This Soothing Mask Gel contains an active perfluorocarbon which captures oxygen from the air and carries it to the wound site to promote healing. It is effective against damage caused by laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and tattoos. The Mask Gel also contains a plant stem cell complex, which acts in synergy with the oxygen to soothe the skin while accelerating wound healing and recovery.

  Effectively delivers Oxygen to soothe, and heal damaged skin.

Promotes rapid healing of wounds and redness reduction.

  Treat laser resurfaced, chemically peeled, and tattooed skin.
Improved skin shows more skin elasticity and enhanced moisture. Please see following scientific results:
  Soothing Results

Sensorial Evaluation Results

  Redness Reduction