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  Cell Protective Recovery Concentrate 
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This formula is very effective to recover damaged lipids caused by UV, smoking and pollution. These environment attacks easily damage the lipid barrier and make skin to dry fast. The damaged lipid barrier accelerates skin immunosupress and skin aging. The product contains encapsulated vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 1% and ubiqinone (Co-Enzyme Q10) to prevent lipid oxidation. The encapsulated actives enhance the stability of actives and long-term effect. And containing Ceramide and Cholesterol (biotechnically derived skin lipids) substitute damaged skin lipids and also prevent further expanding of the damage area.

  Very effective to recover damaged skin lipid barrier

Improve rough skin and provide smooth skin

  Recover moisture balance and give glossy and healthy skin
Improved skin shows more skin elasticity and enhanced moisture. Please see following scientific results:
  Improvements of Skin Elasticity

Improvements of Water Content

  Wrinkle Reduction